What Is A Multi-Unit Development?


What is a multi-unit?

A multi-unit is having two or more units on a single lot and this can be in the form of a house, unit, or townhouse.

What is a multi-unit development?

A multi-unit development is a project where more than one dwelling is built on a single lot. Due to the increasing population growth in Victoria, these are highly profitable investment projects.

Multi-unit developments are highly subject to local council authorities and Building Codes. Investors should seek a team that has been involved in many successful residential projects, so they know exactly what it takes to get projects done right. Not only do our teams work on major developments, but we also partner with developers in advanced development techniques and understand strategies to help you achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

What are the different types of multi-unit developments?

The different types of multi-unit developments include:

  • Subdivision (land with an existing dwelling is divided into 2 an additional house is built)
  • Unit (A detached dwelling built, sharing a common driveway)
  • Townhouse (A detached dwelling built, sharing a common driveway, typically double storey)
  • Dual Occupancy (A dual occupancy or duplex is a single building structure that is divided by a common central wall. Thus creating 2 liveable residences)


How much does it cost to build a block of units?

When it comes to calculating a price for any custom-built project, it is difficult to put a set fee. A good builder will take each project and evaluate it accordingly to ensure that an accurate figure is provided. This will ensure that surprise costs are not experienced by the client during the construction process.


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