Is Arlington Homes a fully registered building practioner?

Yes, Arlington Homes (CARINV PTY LTD) has a CDB-U 50292 (Domestic Builder – Unlimited).

You can visit https://www.vba.vic.gov.au/tools/find-practitioner to verify

Can I inspect my new home as its getting built?

We provide scheduled site meetings with our supervisor including building activity reports based on a project management system.

Why should I choose to build with a custom builder?

This is a question that passes through most people’s minds when they are considering which path to go down for their building project. As a custom builder, the major points in the service we provide is support.

We acknowledge that it may be difficult to understand the entire building process, so we try to make the entire process as easy as possible by providing the following means of communication:-

  • building progress reports with forward construction activities
  • internet blogs
  • meetings on site
  • telephone discussions
  • emails
What will happen if we need a variation to our building contract?

Arlington Homes adopts a very simple policy to give you peace of mind against expensive variations: we only pass on the true cost based on an actual invoice from supplier or subcontractor as validation and supporting documentation.

If any changes need to be made to the initial design-say amendments to the engineer’s drawings-we will only pass on the amount that we are invoiced for, as validated by the supplier or trade contractor’s invoice. If those changes result in cost-saving then we will pass it back to you. This is just one example of how seriously we take our commitment to behave ethically in all our business dealings.

My site is considered a difficult site as it has a slope - can Arlington Homes provide design alternatives?

Arlington Homes have previously built on sloping sites which we have experience in constructing with various footing designs to meet the needs of a sloping block of land, also major excavation works and retainer walls to accommodate difficult sites.

Why do standard inclusions vary so much between builders?

With Arlington Homes we provide fixed price contracts which include a complete set of inclusions from standard range. For simplicity, you can choose as many items as you like from out standard range, or you can request that we include items from specific suppliers in your contract sum. You can change any of these selections up until the point we confirm them during building.

We are always available to talk with you and to meet you onsite to discuss different aspects of the design. Often issues with a design will not become apparent until construction has commenced.

How long do you take to build a custom home?

Construction times range upwards from about 8 months depending on the build’s size and complexity.

Can Arlington Homes provide assistance with interior and exterior design?

We work in collaboration with you to make the appropriate decision on building materials for your ideal custom design home. This also includes product selection and colour co-ordination. 

What about site costs?

We understand that site costs are unique for every block of land. As a result we will establish a budgeted cost based on site levels, depths of footings, soil conditions, trees, adjoining properties and easements, town planning conditions for stormwater retention system.

These costs are established in a transparent way that it is itemised in a detailed siting report and is presented in our preliminary contract.

Is there a follow up after handover?

Our mission to inspire, nurture and develop our customers’ wonderful journey that is building. We exist to create experiences where passion and purpose connect, only then can we display these efforts to our customers. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with the building experience. This means after three months our maintenance supervisor will discuss with you any follow up matters that need to be addressed.

We hope that our Builders Frequently Asked Questions have provided you with some further understanding to your building journey and as always if you have any questions please feel free to get in contact with us via our website or contact@arlingtonhomes.com.au

How long before you can start building my home?

This is highly dependent upon further information requested by the building surveyor in order to issue to building permit. Once this has happened, we will be onsite ready to build your home within three months of your initial deposit stage payment.