8 Frequently Asked Questions For Custom Home Builders

What is Design + Build? (The Build)

Design & Build involves your builder being engaged from the concept stage through to completion of your new home. Fully involved throughout the design process, as opposed to you engaging the builder with plans already prepared for your project.

A big reason why clients choose Design & Build is due to one point of contact. A team to contact in regard to anything that occurs throughout the building process.

In the end, Design & Build is a great way to save time and money and achieve a stress-free and enjoyable building journey!


What are the main causes of home delay? (The Build)

Variations can contribute to a delay in any build for instance weather delay, the client selecting products or pandemics

At Arlington Homes, we ensure that everything is signed off in relation to products and design at the very beginning of the build. Eliminating any potential for delays and ensuring your development is built to schedule.

As Arlington Homes is a Custom Home Builder, the only realistic causes of delay to your new build are extreme weather and unexpected underground problems that will be identified at slab stage. When we have the slab poured the building journey will be smooth thereafter.


Can I make changes during my build? (The Build)

Yes. This will result in a variation, which means your change is quoted upon and if it’s not too late in the process, it will be actioned.

Although we spend a significant amount of time in the preliminary stage aiming to eliminate all variations, sometimes changes are necessary. This is why Arlington Homes has established our variation process.

Arlington Homes adopts a very simple policy to give you peace of mind against expensive variations: we only pass on the true cost based on an actual invoice from supplier or subcontractor as validation and supporting documentation.

If any changes need to be made to the initial design-say amendments to the engineer’s drawings-we will only pass on the amount that we are invoiced for, as validated by the supplier or trade contractor’s invoice. If those changes result in cost-saving, then we will pass it back to you. This is just one example of how seriously we take our commitment to behave ethically in all our business dealings. You will also find all the variations approved contained in the Arlington Homes Client Portal for validation and transparency.


How can I see what stage my build is at? (The Build)

Arlington Homes clients have their own personal logins to our client portal. Designed with our client in mind at Arlington Homes we understand that our clients are busy with family, friends work and life.

Our portal offers a comprehensive quarterly update to our clients to ensure they’re getting the information they need on the progress of their build.

Prepared by David Caruana, these reports ensure transparency throughout the building journey. Along with regular photo updates, Arlington Homes is readily available via phone and email for any queries.


Can I inspect my new home as its getting built? (Contact)

We provide scheduled site meetings with our team including building activity reports based via the Arlington Homes Client Portal


Who should I contact with questions during my Arlington Homes project? (Contact)

For all matters related to your build from contracts to project update questions please get in touch with Arlington Homes Director, David Caruana on (03) 9375 4194.

Due to Arlington Homes only taking on a select few projects per year David is heavily involved in each project that Arlington Homes completes.


What kind of warranty do we receive and for how long? (Insurance & Warranty)

Arlington Homes provides a 90-day maintenance period, after which your development is covered by a 2-year warranty. In addition, a home built by Arlington Homes are covered by a 10-year structural maintenance period.


Is my construction insured? (Insurance & Warranty)

Before commencing any work on your site, we ensure your site is fully insured with a home warranty, public liability and property insurance.

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