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Dual Occupancy Builders

At Arlington Homes, we understand the property development and real estate industry in Melbourne. We do this by staying involved with our own property development projects.

In a matured market, we provide our clients with first-hand experience and examples to help them maximise the value of their block of land.

As dual occupancy builders, we focus on designing and building a capped number of projects each year, this is due to the attention to detail and care that we administer to each of our dual occupancy projects.


Experts For Your Dual Occupancy Project

When it comes to Melbourne Dual Occupancy projects, we can manage the entire pre-planning through to handover.

We provide this service as our clients are seeking a centralised point of call. Someone that manages the entire process and can be a sounding board and provide professional advice and expert tips.

Through the custom design projects we have completed we understand that time is of the essence and we do not compromise high quality to meet deadlines but ensure we work in harmony to achieve our building timelines with the highest degree of quality and care.

If you’re seeking to achieve a beneficial financial return on your dual occupancy build, it is recommended that you appoint a builder that has experience and understanding in the Melbourne Development space, you will save time, reduce risk and maximise your profits.

Here is a Dual Occupancy project we completed for a client


How To Save Money with the Dual Occupancy process

At Arlington Homes, we are known for our personal approach to building. Family owned and operated we engage strong relationships with each of our clients, ensuring transparency, trust and great communication.

This is important when it comes to the development process for investors. The building is a complicated process and as builders and property development experts, we understand the significance of getting the preliminary documentation right at the start of the journey. We also provide our experience when it comes to design, as some options can be more cost effective than others such as the side by side dual occupancy designs.

We also have long-standing relationships with our trades and suppliers, providing both with a consistent flow of projects allows us to get the best possible prices of which the savings are passed onto our clients.

As part of our estimating process, we provide our clients with a full breakdown of costs and provide detail and effort which takes approximately 4 weeks to complete.

For property developers entering into the industry, our director David Caruana has a background in financial accounting and qualifications in building and construction alongside higher education that places Arlington Homes in a unique position to aid in the dual occupancy development process.


Dual Occupancy Variations

As custom home builders we understand that our clients are seeking a customised dual occupancy design that differs from a “standard” volume build.

This provides both Arlington Homes and our clients many options to consider, from the dual occupancy façade to fixtures, joinery & flooring just to name a few. To ensure we deliver what the client desires we provide them with a comprehensive building brief and product catalogue as part of Arlington Homes tendering pack.

We aim to complete a thorough planning process to ensure we have little to no variations as the project is live.


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