A block of land has various characteristics to consider when designing a home. It’s important to know what they are and to be aware of the potential impact and design restrictions that may incur. 1. Size Ensure you know the maximum size and dimensions of the design for the home that will fit on your block. Also check to ensure the setback requirements (the distances you have to leave between your home and your site
What look and feel do you want? It is important to think about the layout of your future home and understand that the different options provide different results when it comes to light, sound and your views. What are your needs? Think carefully about your needs versus wants. A well-designed home utilises all of its space and as such its re-sale value is far more in the long run. You should decide your needs first;
Builders can be roughly divided into two categories. Volume or project home builders are large companies that may construct hundreds of homes per year from a set catalogue of designs. Custom builders are companies that build homes specifically designed for the client, and focus on quality rather than quantity when building. A custom builder also provides flexibility to the client in regards to designs, specifications, inclusions and exclusions. Arlington Homes prides itself on being a custom builder. We understand the two
Knockdown Rebuild
Selling and buying an established home or embarking on a renovation? Decided this is not for you? A knock down rebuild project might be the better option to achieve that home of your dreams. You’re happy with the area but you’ve outgrown the house, or maybe you’ve chosen an established area that is close to good parks, cafés and shops. Before you start demolishing your house or buying a home destined to be knocked down,
Signing a builder
Building a new home is a significant journey, signing a custom builder can be just as significant! One journey that can be all the more pleasant if the right builder is chosen! It is unfortunate however that many builders promise the world, but fail to deliver. The simplest way to compare home builders is to refer to the credibility of their past builds. Focus on their project galleries, testimonials, and then call the builders you

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