Dual Occupancy

Are you an Investor, Downsizer or Homeowner?

Melbourne’s land value continues to progress upwards and the smart option has been shown to be Dual Occupancy building. This allows owners to maximise the space on their land to achieve the biggest financial return. Families are choosing to live in one dwelling and rent or sell the second, this strategy is getting the limelight for all the right reasons.

“Dual occupancy developments occur when two dwellings are built on a single lot”

The emergence of dual occupancy plans has been clear to see. Suitable for entry into the property market, with the ability to offset a mortgage. Investing in a dual occupancy property allows for a greater return on investment from one piece of land. “Dual occupancy developments occur when two dwellings are built on a single lot”. In the case of Melbourne residential zoning, it is defined as a purely residential state, an event where, as one common example illustrates, a second home could be built within the lot boundary.

Imagine building a ‘granny flat’ or even a second home in the backyard to be close to an ailing family member. This is only one of several possible configurations the dual occupancy properties could take, but to lawfully define the space, the property has to be subdivided.” PMA Surveyors

If you are looking to develop a dual occupancy property in Melbourne, then Arlington Homes are the trusted choice. We can aid in the design and construction of stylish properties that will increase your property’s value.

Advantages of a dual occupancy build


– Maximisation of land

Dual occupancy designs are becoming increasingly popular for the money saved on construction and their potential for greater return on investment. Several benefits are associated with these types of investment properties, the main factor being the ability to maximise the potential of one block of land.

– Improved cash flow

This means improved cash flow and reduced maintenance costs, a smart decision for investors seeking to grow their property portfolio.

– Streamlined process

Developing a duplex property means that you are only dealing with one building company ensuring all council and building administration are completed together.



A growing trend in the property market is downsizers seeking to reduce the size of their home. This, in turn, shifts the focus towards “lifestyle-rich” experiences, proving more of a need in later years of life as individuals retire from work. This need has been identified by the government who also wish to see the property market continue to flow over the years. (Read more about the government incentive on our blog)

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