How To Choose The Right Home Design?


What look and feel do you want for your Home Design?

It is important to think about the layout of your future home and understand that the different options provide different results when it comes to light, sound and your views.

What are your needs?

Think carefully about your needs versus wants. A well-designed home utilises all of its space and as such its re-sale value is far more in the long run. You should decide your needs first; as a result, the layout of your design will begin to come together. Once these are decided, brainstorm a list of those extra elements of your home that you would love to have, depending on budget and other key factors. With all of this collated you will feel prepared and confident to meet with a builder and understand what it is that you and your family want.

Storage areas

With the utilisation of space a major priority when building a new home. It is important to get creative to add more storage areas. Storage space can be created underneath stairs and in garages to name a few spaces. Speak to your builder and let them assist!

The Orientation

The positioning is a major factor when designing a home. North-facing is a great position for rooms that are used frequently as they get sunlight for the longest duration of the day. North-facing homes are also easier to shade from the sun. This is important when trying to achieve your 6-star energy rating which is required on all new homes. Achieving a 6 star energy rating will allow you to save on heating and cooling costs also. So it is important to discuss this with your builder.

Maximise positioning for living areas

Always check with your builder that the orientation of your home maximises any views and outlooks and provides privacy for both you and your neighbours. Keep bedrooms clear of noisy areas like driveways and your neighbours’ living areas.

Do I need an outdoor entertaining area?

Constructing this type of space can add value to a home. A place to leisure and entertain friends and family is valued by all generations and will add extra value towards your home design.

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