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4 Areas That Impact The Design Of Your New Home

A block of land has various characteristics to consider when designing a new home. It’s important to know what they are and to be aware of the potential impact and design restrictions that may incur.

1. Size

Ensure you know the maximum size and dimensions of the design for the home that will fit on your block. Also check to ensure the setback requirements (the distances you have to leave between your home and your site boundaries) are understood and that the permitted heights in your area as per council requirements are followed.

2. Easements

An easement is a section of land that is registered on the property title that gives someone else the authority to use the land for a specific purpose. It’s important to know if any easements exist prior to building to ensure issues do not arise during the building process.

3. A crossover

A crossover is the section of your driveway that is situated between the edge of the road and the front boundary of your block of land. It’s important to understand your crossover location so you can design your home accordingly. This can be impactful when deciding the size and location of garages in particular. In an existing area you need to lodge a vehicle crossover application with your council to gain authority to reconstruct it, if required (required to be at least 1 metre in distance from power poles or trees)

4. The importance of soil

The type of soil on your site of land determines how your house must be built. This is because different soils will have different properties that make it more or less likely to move, expand and contract with different levels of moisture content. If soil were to move underneath a new home then the result could be cracking inside. Your builder should provide you guidance on how to determine the appropriate reports to determine this.

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