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5 Questions to Ask Before Signing A Custom Builder


Building a new home is a significant journey, signing a custom builder can be just as significant! One journey that can be all the more pleasant if the right builder is chosen!

It is unfortunate however that many builders promise the world, but fail to deliver.

The simplest way to compare home builders is to refer to the credibility of their past builds. Focus on their project galleries, testimonials, and then call the builders you believe will deliver the correct outcome. After an initial conversation you will be able to gauge if the custom builder knows their stuff. It is important to think of these 5 questions when making a final decision.

1. Do you like the builder?

Given the amount of ongoing contact you’ll have with the builder, a friendly and honest relationship is significantly important. From the moment you sign with a builder, there will be several touchpoints from design, planning and end of stage meetings. It is imperative therefore to have a builder that you can maintain an effective relationship with.

2. Does the builder provide input into the design?

As they say, variety is the spice of life. A good builder will not be set in their ways and will allow the owner to provide input. After all, It is important to be happy with your home. Arlington Homes provides expert advice on custom homes, knockdown-rebuilds, investment properties and various building regulations.

3. Does the builder have the correct qualifications?

A custom builder needs to be licensed when it comes to building a home. Once you’ve established that a builder is both licensed and insured, you’ll need to ascertain the builder’s level of experience and expertise. A builder that’s been in business for over 20 years should have multiple reference sites that will allow you to gauge the quality of work.

4. Is the builder following a proper building process?

If building a home on time and on budget is important to you, then a builder needs to have proven processes and a reputation in the industry as being reliable. You’re more likely to experience building delays and overruns of costs if a builder isn’t properly organised.

A thorough custom builder will have a clear timeline of the build and provide you stages in which the project will be completed prior to commencement. This ensures accountability of the builder but also provides peace of mind to the customer to ensure they understand what progress is being achieved.

5. Does the builder provide a fixed price contract?

By the law, a builder is responsible in creating a contract, this includes the rights and responsibilities of the customer and the builder. The customer is required to sign before work commences.

When selecting a builder for your new home or multi-unit developments, Arlington Homes is the trusted and respected choice. As per client testimonials, the team at Arlington Homes is “thorough”, “well educated”, “easy to work with”, to name a few.

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