Knockdown Rebuild Developments


Selling and buying an established home or embarking on a renovation? Decided this is not for you? A knock down rebuild project might be the better option to achieve that home of your dreams. You’re happy with the area but you’ve outgrown the house, or maybe you’ve chosen an established area that is close to good parks, cafés and shops.

Before you start demolishing your house or buying a home destined to be knocked down, you should invest some time to make sure you have chosen a property that is suited to the knock down rebuild process. Here is a starting point on the checklist, but it is always recommended to consult a builder such as Arlington Homes as early as possible in the process to avoid any uncertainty in the process

Checklist for knockdown rebuild developments

1. Regulations and guidelines

A good starting point is to review the title documents that are linked with the property you’re investigating, this will give you confirmation of the exact dimensions of the site and any other potential easements that are present. Verify all these assumptions with the council to ensure the validity of data and provide you with peace of mind.

2. About the block

With the confirmation of the block dimensions, the existing driveway position should be inspected, although applying for a re-location is possible, it does add another step to your knockdown rebuild project. Prior to commencement, you should check out the existing drainage and site infrastructure details such as power, gas and telecoms, as these all need to be reviewed to ensure they are correctly situated once building works are completed. Do not assume infrastructure designs pre-build to be relevant post-build.

3. Traffic management and access

If your block is on a major road or in close proximity local areas such as shopping centres and or schools, additional traffic management services may be required during the demolition and development processes. Over-head powerlines also need to be considered.

4. Property sales

If your knockdown rebuild project is a shorter-term investment, that you intend on selling upon completion, it is a good idea to speak to local real estate agents. They will provide you selling prices of knockdown rebuild homes in your area, as well as sales results for similar properties, this can provide a good starting point for you to decide on your budget for the project.

5. Builder inspections

It is very important to pick the best builder for any construction project. However, when discussing a knockdown rebuild the importance is even greater. They will likely inspect your property for suitability and provide you advice on the journey forward!

If you need any further assistance on this topic please get in touch with Arlington Homes on Ph. 9375 4194 or contact@arlingtonhomes.com.au

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