Custom Home Builder

No matter what stage you are in for the process of your build, whether you have an existing dwelling that needs demolishing or not, we can help you turn your dreams into a reality.

What is the difference between a custom builder and a volume builder?

Builders can be roughly divided into two categories. Volume builders are large companies that may construct hundreds of homes per year from a set catalogue of designs. Custom builders are companies that build homes specifically designed for the client, and focus on quality rather than quantity when building. A custom builder also provides flexibility to the client in regards to designs, specifications, inclusions and exclusions.

Arlington Homes prides itself on being a custom builder. We understand the two clients are not the same and as such will not have the same requirements when the time comes to build their homes.

What does a custom builder offer?

Speaking with a custom builder such as Arlington Homes provides the peace of mind that you’re working with a team that has your best interest. This all begins with the first meeting. Compared to a volume builder who would have a sales agent managing your relationship.

As custom builders, we provide a journey from concept to completion. Throughout this process, you will have David Caruana an experienced Builder who will provide guidance, advice and regular updates on the progress of the project. As per below, we have a clear consultation, design and building process which ensures all factors have been considered prior to the commencement of any work.

In addition, Arlington Homes understands the importance of technology in this space and has invested time and resources into developing our client’s journey. With tools such as our Online Client Portal, Floor Plan Visualisation and 3D Rendering Services. #thearlingtondifference



If you haven’t put your design onto paper yet, we have a network of skilled architects, draftsmen and engineers that we can recommend to help you get the perfect design.

Single Point Of Contact

Finding an architect or building designer with extensive experience in luxury development is beneficial, particularly when it comes to seeking council approval. While this is one of the more difficult steps in the building process, engaging with a design expert will guarantee your project receives town planning and development approval.

Seamless Process

You will also want to engage with your builder early on, as this allows sufficient time to review your plans and propose necessary changes for a faster approvals process, as well as identifying costcutting opportunities.


custom home living room

Design Process

1. New Home Consultation

Existing site conditions and desired design are discussed. Arlington Homes services including design and build process are discussed.

2. General Review

The second review of the site is conducted with client on-site. Allows client expectations to be compared against likely costs.

3. Discuss Floor Plans

Design Meeting is held which includes sitting down with our architect to discuss concepts, room sizes and overall project feasibility.

4. Your New Home Contract Documents

First edition of working drawings, then follows the completion of the building brief, contract specifications & product catalogue with clients.

5. Secure Arlington Homes As Your Builder

Upon completing all necessary documentation, Arlington Homes is appointed builder and project commencement to be confirmed with Arlington Homes & client pending availability.