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    dual occupancy

    Dual Occupancy FAQs in 2020

    Dual Occupancy FAQs in 2020 What is Dual Occupancy? Dual occupancy developments occur when two dwellings are built on a single lot. In the case of Melbourne residential zoning, dual occupancy is defined as a purely residential state, an event where, as one common example illustrates, a second home could be built within the lot boundary. How long will the whole process take?  From an initial discussion, your Arlington Homes will work closely with you…

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    How Many Units Can I Fit On My Land?

    HOW MANY UNITS CAN I FIT ON MY LAND? There is no simple answer to how many units you can fit onto your land. The answer depends on a variety of factors. Primarily the planning and zoning codes of the relevant local council. When it comes to approving your development project, most local councils are less interested in how many dwellings you can fit onto your land. The major focus for them is the design of…

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    custom builder process

    A Custom Builder Process

    Builders can be roughly divided into two categories. Volume or project home builders are large companies that may construct hundreds of homes per year from a set catalogue of designs. Custom builders are companies that build homes specifically designed for the client, and focus on quality rather than quantity when building. A custom builder also provides flexibility to the client in regards to designs, specifications, inclusions and exclusions. Arlington Homes prides itself on being a custom builder. We understand the two…

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    Knockdown Rebuild

    Knockdown Rebuild Developments

    Selling and buying an established home or embarking on a renovation? Decided this is not for you? A knock down rebuild project might be the better option to achieve that home of your dreams. You’re happy with the area but you’ve outgrown the house, or maybe you’ve chosen an established area that is close to good parks, cafés and shops. Before you start demolishing your house or buying a home destined to be knocked down,…

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    Asbestos Removal and Demolition

    Welcome to our stream of blogs! In this edition we will be discussing Asbestos Removal and Demolition. Here we will be detailing the building process stage by stage, so that you can be informed about what to prepare for with your build. At Arlington Homes we place strong emphasis on learning and development, so please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or request any blogs topics. So, first off, demolition….. If…

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