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Profit From Unit Development To Help Fund Retirement | Melbourne

Can profit from Unit Development help fund your retirement? Before you consider selling your block, you should consider the feasibility of constructing an additional dwelling or dwellings on your property. We have been involved with several projects that have involved this. It begins with taking measurements and completing the necessary due diligence. Working collaboratively with a trusted architect, this included items in relation to the title, regulations, land and services information. As people struggle for years to save…

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How To Finance An Investment Property

Finance Investment Property When preparing to build a development the first step is to identify how much you can afford to borrow (if you require to) and as such organise the correct financing options for you. This process can be a little tricky and is more than just asking the bank for the figure you require to purchase. If this is your first home that is being built, the amount you need to borrow has…

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