A Custom Builder Process

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What is the difference between a custom builder and a volume builder?

Builders can be roughly divided into two categories. Volume builders are large companies that may construct hundreds of homes per year from a set catalogue of designs. Custom builders are companies that build homes specifically designed for the client, and focus on quality rather than quantity when building. A custom builder also provides flexibility to the client in regards to designs, specifications, inclusions and exclusions.

Arlington Homes prides itself on being a custom builder. We understand the two clients are not the same and as such will not have the same requirements when the time comes to build their homes.

What does a custom builder offer?

Speaking with a custom builder such as Arlington Homes provides the peace of mind that you’re working with a team that has your best interest. This all begins with the first meeting. Compared to a volume builder who would have a sales agent managing your relationship.

As custom builders, we provide a journey from concept to completion. Throughout this process, you will have David Caruana an experienced Builder who will provide guidance, advice and regular updates on the progress of the project. As per below, we have a clear consultation, design and building process which ensures all factors have been considered prior to the commencement of any work.

In addition, Arlington Homes understands the importance of technology in this space and has invested time and resources into developing our client’s journey in 2020. With tools such as our Online Client Portal, Floor Plan Visualtion and 3D Rendering Services. #thearlingtondifference

The custom builder process

  • Initial consultation: 

    The initial consultation is an opportunity to discuss your vision, ideas and individual requirements, including timeframes and budget expectations.

  • Site meeting: 

    This meeting will enable us to get a better understanding of your block of land, its orientation, slope.

  • Ideas put to paper: 

    During the design stage, your ideas will be put to paper in a collaborative process led by our architect.

  • Drawings: 

    During this stage, the plans will be finalised along with the elevations and façade.

  • Planning approval: 

    We will work with you and Council to organise planning, building and full development approval.

  • Selections: 

    At this stage of the process, all final selections will be made.

  • The build: 

    Your Building Manager will keep in contact with you throughout the building process with regular progress reports.

  • Handover: 

    Once the building process is complete, there will be a final inspection followed by the handover of keys.

If you have any questions in relation to the building process and are seeking someone to chat to, feel free to give us a call on (03) 9375 4194 or send us an email at contact@www.arlingtonhomes.com.au we will do our best in assisting.

We care, we inspire, we create. It’s the ARLINGTON way…..