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5 Tips For A Top Quality Investment

With over 25 years experience in the industry David Caruana, Director at Arlington Homes has gone through many property transactions for the company and it’s clients. The wealth of experience throughout this journey has often seen him as a point of contact for a question or two, that could be puzzling a homeowner or property investor. His responses for The Arlington Blog may just help you avoid making a costly investment mistake in 2018! He…

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4 Common Mistakes Experienced By Buyers

When purchasing a property or land, feelings of excitement and happiness spring to mind. However this process can be tricky if we rely on just those two feelings. Purchasing property/land should be a strategically thought out move that allows for an effective return on investment. As such we have put together this list so it is top of mind for when you go house or land hunting! In this edition of The Arlington Blog we…

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